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Business Model

What we do

We are the market leader in the rental and sale of equipment for different types of work at height – whether in industry, commerce or construction. Also engineering solutions for large complex works.

Products and services

Supply of lift platforms is the main business unit, which also rents air compressors, generators, personal elevators and lighting towers.

Applications of our equipment

Huge diversity of applications, such as shipyards, warehouses, construction sites, filming and shows, cleaning, restoration, hydroelectric plants, execution of works of art, varied maintenance and industrial assembly, among others.

Contract model

In general, we lease equipment on a 28-day basis, with the average contract duration being three to four months, although some are 12 months or more.

Products and services

Rental of formwork and shoring, engineering projects related to the implementation of special systems.

Applications of our equipment

Hydroelectric plants, highways, large constructions, railways, bridges and facade restoration.

Contract model

The contractual terms of this business unit vary from 9 to 24 months, and the services provided are critical during a large part of the construction of the projects.

How we do?

We operate according to eight pillars of operational excellence:

Strategically positioned in more than 1,200 cities, with 35 branches and more than 1,500 employees, providing a closer and more agile relationship in customer service.

Value generation

Lease Solutions

Providing sustainable lease solutions to a diverse customer base.

Long term relationship

Developing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Positive impact on the community

Improve the communities where we operate through employment opportunities and community involvement.

Return on invested capital

Generating returns for shareholders throughout the cycle.

Capital allocation strategy

Continuous improvement

  • Adequacy of branches and fleet
  • Investment and innovation and technology


  • Fleet increase
  • Opening of new branches
  • M&A opportunities


  • Distribution of resources to shareholders

Diversification of businesses

As of 2014, we began the hard work of expanding the market sectors served and focusing our operations on what is currently Mills’ core business, leasing aerial platforms.

Our Competitive Strengths and Advantages

Leadership and greater geographic coverage
  • + 8,000 pieces of equipment, the largest fleet of mobile work lifting platforms in Brazil.
  • High capillarity, we are present in more than 1,200 cities, with 35 branches and more than 1,500 employees.
Execution capacity
  • Constant search for new operating markets.
  • Continuous improvement of your maintenance processes.
  • Investment in new products and technologies.
Diversified revenue source
  • Diversified customer base.
  • Clients among the largest companies in the country – more than 4,000 active contracts in various segments.
Brand, reputation and governance
  • Approximately 70 years of history with participation in the greatest civil works in the country.
  • Listed on the BM & BOVESPA at the highest level of corporate governance (Novo Mercado) since 2010.
  • Professional management with extensive experience in the market and success track record.
Greater availability and mix of equipment
  • Diversified fleet with products from leading manufacturers.
  • Light and heavy electrical and diesel equipment for various types of applications.
  • Knowledge and ability to identify and offer the equipment that meets real customer demand.