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Mills, through its 2 Business Units, has been introducing over the years products and technologies that contribute to the preservation of the environment and society that it is inserted:

Replacement of wooden floor for metallic floor

We have invested significant resources to gradually replace wooden floor for metallic floor more durable and eco-friendly in scaffolds. Therefore, we contribute to the reduction in deforestation.

Use of licensed wood by the Ministry of Environment, The Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Resources

All the wood used in our equipment are from licensed sources and we keep archived copies of the relevant documentation concerning the origin, transportation and registration of our suppliers.

Implementation of water and oil separation system

We constantly carry out investments in water/oil separation systems from equipment lubrification/washing for later appropriate disposal.

Investment in fitting scaffolds for the industrial environmental, dispensing the utilization of lubricating oils.

We use scaffolds that employs fitting wedge systems, that, besides dispensing maintenance with lubricating oils, also provides productivity gains and competitiveness.

Recycling carbon steel parts

Our quality control maintains a rigorous monitoring of the damaged equipment removal from works for transformation into smaller parts or sent to recycling.

Recycling aluminium parts

Aluminium floors and beams are directed for reprocessing plants, returning to Mills into new products with the same characteristics.

Last update: February 25, 2020