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Company Purpose and Values

Why we exist

We work to make Mills a leader, a company that is reliable, transparent and profitable, a company that recognizes its responsibility to build a Brazil that is more sustainable, humane and just.

What we believe and how we will behave

Identity: Built on Reliability

  • A good corporate citizen with responsible, ethical and trustworthy behaviour
  • Trust based on transparency
  • Business results with social and environmental responsibility

Fundamentals: Built on Competence

  • Survive, prosper and contribute over many decades
  • ”Doing things right” is our passion
  • Being at the forefront of competencies that our clients and partners value

Style: Built on Example

  • Participative leadership, supporting people and nurturing their progress
  • People with integrity whose work delights their clients and colleagues and make things happen
  • Informal environment, where people enjoy their work, are empowered to make decisions, and are evaluated on merit.

Last update: February 25, 2020